Monday, 24 September 2012

The project

What is connecting 84 year old nun from Ireland with a hairdresser who has nine brothers and six sister, Tuli - the young waitress and Daniel - the doctor assistant? These are only few of the participants of the international illustration workshops organised by Edith Stein Society in Wroclaw. The project under the name 'I will tell you a story' is a joined idea of young illustrator Marta Wawryszuk who is from Wroclaw and currently is living in Great Britain and the Edith Stein Society. 

The main subject of the workshop is narrative illustration and telling stories. 14 participants will travel from across Europe i.e. Bulgaria, Finland, Ireland, Turkey and Italy. The workshops were created by Hurdy Gurdy group which is formed by graduates from MA Illustration course at Camberwell College of Arts, University of Arts London. 

Workshop will run from 5th to 9th October and participants will have chance to learn different techniques of illustration, from traditional Chinese ink drawing, collage to personal techniques which are based on using fabrics. The time spend with young artists is meant to inspire participants to archive their life and memories in form of illustrated diaries for the next generations as  well as help to see beauty in everyday life. 

The international character of the workshops will create the space for the participants to meet with different cultures and stories coming from different countries. As half of the participants is over 50 years old and the rest are young people there will be also a chance for an exchange of experiences and stories that will connect not only different cultures but also different generations.  During the run of workshops there will be also exhibition of works by graduates from Camberwell College of Arts - including the Hurdy Gurdy Group (the opening will take place on the 5th October at 8 pm in Edith Stein Society ul. Nowowiejska 38 in Wroclaw). 

"I always wanted to invite to Wroclaw my friends from Great Britain so they can see how many interesting and inspiring places is in my home town and that it is a meting place for many cultures" - Marta Wawryszuk

Looking for place where the exhibition of graduates from Camberwell College of Arts could be organised, Marta develop relationship with Edith Stein Society. They liked the idea and they prepared project together with Hurdy Gurdy group that won the grant from European Union. The 'I will tell you a story" project is a part of program Grundvig "Lifelong Learning Programme". 

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