Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Meet our participants: Jordanka from Bulgaria

Meet our participants: Anna from Germany

Anna and her story:
"Few months ago I passed my final secondary-schools examinations. After a stressful phase of
studying I was very happy to leave all the struggles behind me. This happiness had to be celebrated!
– Indeed, almost every second day.

Though I was only a student without a regular income the money for parties in pubs or clubs was
rare. So, what to do?

Take several friends, a hangout without parents, buy some snacks and tell your friends: “Bring your
own beer!”

My picture looks very dirty, but that is on purpose. As it is like that when young people have a party
in a small flat – it is crowded, loud, messy, no one knows which beer was the own one, but who
cares? It has no effect on the horrible hangover in the morning…"

Meet our participants: Ivanka from Bulgaria

Ivanka from Bulgaria:

"My story is related to one of my hobbies – all the travels, volunteer work (what I do) with my friends back in Bulgaria. I have made a beautiful forest with trees, flowers and a lot of life in it, because I love camping, going to different places surrounded by nature. One of the voluntary things I do is participate in a group that plants trees, love and hope within the earth. The combination of doing something good for nature, and finding new friends with which sharing beautiful times is the best. Travelling is something else added to all above and this is what makes me very happy."

Meet our participants: Olga from Ukraine

"I was honored to become a UEFA volunteer for the EURO 2012 tournament in Kyiv, Ukraine. It was like a Brazilian festival, only in Eastern Europe! For a months we basically lived at the stadium, volunteer centre and the fan zone. I had a chance to watch all the games that were held in Kyiv, meet hundred of interesting people and see famous players with my own eyes.
With this picture I tried to depict the amount of excitement I had during the event. I really miss this feeling and would love to become a volunteer at a global sports event again!"

Meet our participants: Vladimir from Bulgaria

Meet our participants: Mila from Czech Republic

"My Name is Mila Spalenska.
This was the first variant of my picture: from different letters you can make different words.

Second variant: meaning of the letters:

I  =  Illnis
L  =  Love
F  =  Family
M  =  Mother
C  =  Children
K  =  Know-How
U  =  Unexpected

End: This means Life"

Meet our participants: Ola from Germany

Ola's story:

"My name is Ola, which is a short form of the name Alexandra in Poland. I have two homes, one in Germany and one in Poland. When I was a child I did not want to be called Ola because I could not relate to Poland. Now I prefer the short form of Ola. But when I come home to Germany everyone calls me Alex. So I sometimes feel that I have two different Identities. One as Alex and one as Ola. On the picture you can see both of my countries and the letter X which marks my place in between."

Meet our participants: Peppe from Italy

 Peppe said:
"The name Zebra has not a remember one. I start from the letter Z that is the first letter of my surname. I draw it with fantasy like a dragon and a snake with a lot of movement. Then I put eyes in an illogical position (on the foot). Consequently I invented the other letters, but with fantasy, using hats, eyes, feet in every position. Finally: I effort my fantasy without any logical constraint.

(P.S. The use of fantasy was the true enrichment of my workshop)."

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Meet our participants - Katrin from Germany

"Hi, my name is Katrin and I am from Germany. 
The last 12 months I’ve spent as a volunteer in the Edith Stein House. I came back to Wroclaw from Berlin for the project. The story behind my  work is about my grandma. She was born in Breslau and grew up two streets away from the house of Edith Stein’s family nowadays known as the Edith Stein House."

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Meet our participants: Margaret from Ireland

Margaret and her story about family:

"The piece I chose was the Machine embroidered piece of my Mammy who had 15 children and I was the middle child. The hearts represent her children,  6 girls 9 boys one boy was both sexes, reared male. Thomas-Jennifer is now living as a female. The family is not a close one. Daddy died in 1980, Mammy in 1992. 4 years ago 2 women came into our lives and they plus 3 others were fathered by my Daddy and our housekeeper without my mother’s knowledge however we now suspect she may have had clues to his infidelity. Mammy was a quiet docile woman. She took great care of us all. We were fed well, dressed well. She sewed all our clothes on her sewing machine powered by foot. Therefore it was fitting that I should draw her using stitches on a machine."