Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Meet our participants: Anna from Germany

Anna and her story:
"Few months ago I passed my final secondary-schools examinations. After a stressful phase of
studying I was very happy to leave all the struggles behind me. This happiness had to be celebrated!
– Indeed, almost every second day.

Though I was only a student without a regular income the money for parties in pubs or clubs was
rare. So, what to do?

Take several friends, a hangout without parents, buy some snacks and tell your friends: “Bring your
own beer!”

My picture looks very dirty, but that is on purpose. As it is like that when young people have a party
in a small flat – it is crowded, loud, messy, no one knows which beer was the own one, but who
cares? It has no effect on the horrible hangover in the morning…"

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