Sunday, 11 November 2012

Meet our participants: Margaret from Ireland

Margaret and her story about family:

"The piece I chose was the Machine embroidered piece of my Mammy who had 15 children and I was the middle child. The hearts represent her children,  6 girls 9 boys one boy was both sexes, reared male. Thomas-Jennifer is now living as a female. The family is not a close one. Daddy died in 1980, Mammy in 1992. 4 years ago 2 women came into our lives and they plus 3 others were fathered by my Daddy and our housekeeper without my mother’s knowledge however we now suspect she may have had clues to his infidelity. Mammy was a quiet docile woman. She took great care of us all. We were fed well, dressed well. She sewed all our clothes on her sewing machine powered by foot. Therefore it was fitting that I should draw her using stitches on a machine."

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