Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Meet our participants: Jose from Spain


"I was trying to draw someone who walks his way with a positive and hopeful attitude, making his own way, looking at the future bravely and with a strong disposition. That’s why I chose a poem of one of the most important Spanish poets (Antonio Machado), which says:

“Walker, there is no way,
You make your own way walking”

I think is a good philosophy of living your life not thinking all the time about how wonderful was your past life and wasting all the beautiful moments you could be living in the present.

So, you, and just you, are the owner of your life. You’re the writer of your history. Make it big, make it wonderful."

Meet our particiapnts: Tuuli from Finland

Tuuli made a work "Portrait of Edith Stein":
 "I made a portrait of Edith Stein by sewing by hand. I tried the technique for the very first time, but instantly I got carried away with it! I made the portrait on the second day of the workshop when I just had found out the history of the Edith Stein House and herself. I thought it was interesting and I came up with this idea."

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Meet our particiapnts: Pino from Italy

 Giuseppe (Pino) also has a story for You:
"As almost the any Italian, I’m a fan of the pizza. Some years ago, I did not have any experience with the pizza made in Napoli. Living in Rome I always was thinking that the pizza I was eating was a “pizza napoliteno”. Then I went to Napoli and I ordered a “pizza napoliteno”. I was disappointed, that pizza was far away from the pizza I was used to eating. It was high on the border and thin in the middle, it was not crisp but tender, it was not my pizza. However, it was much easier to digest and the taste was more fresh. It was a “Margherita” pizza that was invented in Napoli when the Margherite Queen went the first time to visit the city. It was a very simple pizza with olive oil, fresh tomato, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil. Now I like very much the pizza Napolitano and anywhere in Italy I go, if I want a good pizza I ask for it."

Monday, 29 October 2012

Meet our participants: Helen from Estonia

Helen and her story:
" I don’t like the Autumn so much because then it will start to get more cold. The only thing that I have always loved is the colourful leaves and red berries. When I came to Wroclaw I noticed that the leaves on the ground are brown and ones still green. Not like at home but probably the will be here also soon. After one week at the workshop autumn time has taken a new form for me. I have had many discussions about the weather and the cold from the warmer countries. I find myself thinking about the positive side of this time of the year and soon coming snow. The Chinese ink painting was a new experience for me to express my new feelings with the colourful leaves and autumn. The season now reminds me some beautiful moments from Poland."